A little more topical. Contest entry. 500-words dialog only. You have to explain to your kids what happened to the pet turkey. Nice review: I enjoyed reading your discussion about Oliver the frozen turkey. It flowed well and was interesting throughout. Lots of empathy for both the child and bird.

Dialogue only contest entry between a pumpkin and a jack o’ lantern. Review: Nicely written details and a good word flow. A story told in dialogue about two pumpkins and what their fate will be. Poor guys. Being craved or made into pie. Sad. I do appreciate the humor in…

My retelling of the myth of Timpanogas a mountain south of Salt Lake.

Photo by John Thomas at Unsplash

This is the story of Timpanogos, a mountain in Northern Utah that looks like a shroud-covered woman lying on her back with her arms folded on her chest.

The boy found the girl camped several miles…

Prompt was the picture. I had the tent with two new lovers and a starry night.

No credit for this photo. It was a prompt at WDC.

“It’s marvelous,” said Sue, wrapping her sleeping bag around her. “It’s everything you said it was.” She turned to Sam. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” said Sam, grinning. “I knew you would like it. …

Houdini is asked to unmask a medium. Can he do it?

Unable to determine ownership. Not mine.

Spirit Lover

I was in the bar at the Pierpont hotel minding my own business.

“Mr. Houdini.”

I nodded, hiding behind my glass.

“I need your help.”

I looked away.

“I can pay.

I looked back. My ‘job’ would be to…


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